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Related article: day. Inside, they laugh and smoke and Where Can I Buy Neem Leaves shout and argue and stare and whistle as the milky brew hardens to lace along the lip of their cups. A group of scientists from the University begin to meet and throw their ideas into the mix with those of artists and novelists and visionaries who rebounded with mania from the depression that follows a nation's defeat. The few grow in number through invitation only. Slowly their members accumulate and concepts clump from the soup Neem Oil Purchase of ideas and take Where To Buy Neem Oil Locally shape until the soup deserves a name, so they are called around Europe and even as far as the United States, The Vienna Circle. At the center of the Circle is a circle: a clean, round, white-marble tabletop. They select the caf? Josephinum precisely for this table. A pen is passed counterclockwise. The first mark is made, an equation applied directly to the tabletop, a slash of black ink across the marble, a mathematical sentence amid the splatters. They all read the equation honing in on the meaning amid the disordered drops. Mathematics is visual not auditory. They argue with their voices but more pointedly with their pens. They stain the marble with rays of symbolic logic in juicy black pigment that very nearly washes away. They collect here every Thursday evening to distill their ideas to distinguish science from superstition. At stake is Everything. Reality. Meaning. Their lives. They have lost any tolerance for ineffectual and embroidered attitudes, for mysticism or metaphysics. That is putting it too dispassionately. They hate mysticism and metaphysics, religion and faith. They loathe them. They want to separate out truth. They feel, I Where To Buy Neem Leaves imagine, the near hysteria of sensing it just there, just beyond the nub of their fingers at the end of arms stretched to their limits. I'm standing there, looking three hundred and sixty degrees around the table. Some of them stand out brighter than the others. They press forward and announce Where To Purchase Neem Oil themselves. The mathematician Olga Hahn-Neurath is here. She has a small but valuable part to play in this script as does her husband Otto Neurath, the oversized socialist. Most importantly, Moritz Schlick is here to form the acme and source of the Circle. Olga, whose blindness descended with the conclusion of an infection, smokes her cigar while Otto drinks lethal doses of caffeine and Moritz settles himself with a brush of his lapels. The participation of the others present today is less imperative. A circle can be approximated by a discrete handful of points and the others will not be counted. There are perhaps more significant members of the Circle over the years, but these are the people that glow in color against my grainy black and white image of history. Buy Neem Leaves A grainy, worn, poorly resolved, monochromatic picture of a still scene. I can make out details if I look the shot over carefully. Outside, a wind frozen in time burns the blurred faces of Where To Buy Neem Tree incidental pedestrians. Men pin their hats to their heads with hands gloved by wind-worn skin. Inside a grand mirror traps the window's images, Where Can I Buy Neem Soap a Buy Neem Tree chunk of animated glass. In a plain, dark wooden chair near the wall, almost hidden behind the floral arm of an upholstered booth, caught in the energy and enthusiasm of that hopeful time as though caught in a sandstorm, is Kurt G?del. In 1931 he Where To Buy Neem Toothpaste is a young man of twenty-five years, his sharpest edges still hidden beneath the soft pulp of youth. He has just discovered his theorems. With pride and anxiety he brings with him this discovery. His almost, not-quite paradox, his twisted loop of reason, will be his assurance of immortality. An Buy Neem Plant immortality of his soul or just Where To Buy Neem Soap his name? This question will be the subject of his madness. Can I assert that suprahuman longevity will apply only to his name? And barely even that. Even now that we live under the shadow of his discovery, his name is hardly known. His appellation denotes a theorem, he's an initial, not a man. Only here he Buy Neem Seeds is, a man in defense of his soul, in defense of truth, ready to alter the view of reality his friends have formulated on Buy Neem Oil Uk this marble table. He has come to tell the circle that they are wrong, and he can prove it. G?del is taciturn, alone even in a crowd, back against Buy Neem Oil Online the wall, looking out as though in the dark at the cinema. He is reticent but not un-likeable. The attention with which his smooth hair, brushed back over his head away from his face, is creamed and tended hints at his strongest interest next to mathematics, namely women. His efforts